Dual pane using Finder panels

This is more of a question… Will you give up your own tabs system (that made sense before Maverick) and integrate dual panels in the Finder’s own tab system ? That would seem cleaner no ? Plus Apple’s tabs look really good IMO.

PS1: For now I switched off the TF tabs… too buggy in Yosemite. (which makes sense… it’s not completely meant for it yet). And am on the verge of wondering if I need to use TF at all. It’ll depend on future direction… and on what Path Finder 7 is like as well. I keep switching between PF and TF depending on my mood LoL XtraFinder has a few nice tricks as well… Basically I follow them all.

PS2: I prefer the Finder-enhancing approach of TF actually than Path Finder’s “replacement” approach. But PF is quite an app. Future will tell.