Easily delete extra spaces from Overview

When I put an app into fullscreen it creates a new space at the end of my existing spaces. (I know that this is due to how os x treats fullscreen apps and there isn’t much of a work around.)

I then use the Overview Grid to move the fullscreen app/space to where I want it in the overall layout. But now I have in effect and extra empty space that I would like to easily get rid of.

It would be nice (cool) if I could simply drag that extra space to maybe the center of the bottom were it will then be deleted when I release it. Kinda of like in Android. If you want to delete something off of the home screen you just drag the item to the top were it says remove and let go.

This is not a perfect fix for the fullscreen problem but it would be a nice simple solution for now.

Thanks for the consideration.

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That would be neat, I agree. I want to make the app more configurable in the overview grid, this would be a good way to start.