Exposé of a single desktop

I really like how TotalSpaces does Exposé. As Stephen said, it tries to find an arrangement where the windows are as big as possible, whilst retaining their relative sizes. This is how Apple’s Exposé originally worked, until they ruined it (IMHO.)

That’s why I’d like to have this kind of Exposé for a single desktop too. Is there a way to have TotalSpaces show an Exposé of just the current desktop’s windows, with a different shortcut that the global Overview one? Otherwise I’d like to add it as a feature request.

Thanks for this great product!

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It’s been one of the most requested features. It wasn’t a priority on the grounds that Mission Control covers this ground.

But maybe I can do a TotalSpaces version… considering it!

It would be nice to be able to use a 3-finger swipe down gesture to activate it. As far as I can remember that’s the way it was done in Snow Leopard.

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