External monitors keep getting reversed in TS

I am running Total Spaces on El Capitan and every time I restart the spaces assignments for the left & right external monitors keep getting switched. So if I have a TS desktop named “Web Left” and another one named “Web Right” then after I restart the left one will be on the right monitor and the right desktop will be on the left monitor; all applications assigned to the “left” desktop now appear on the right monitor and vice versa. Renaming the desktops has no effect on stopping this. Ideas?


Sounds like OSX is getting confused and moving your spaces whist we aren’t looking.

After persistent reports of OSX doing this kind of thing, I made this app:

This little app allows you to record a space configuration and later restore it.
It should remember which spaces are on which monitor (and which apps go where).

You’ll need a registered version of TotalSpaces2 to be running for the app to work.