Feature: cmd + ` between windows of a full screen app

I found Total Spaces after upgrading to Yosemite and finding that full screen is more prominent than ever. I love full screen but find the ‘swooshing’ animation between screens all the time makes me feel a bit sick. TotalSpaces solves that, thanks guys!

The one thing I miss from non-full screen is being able to quickly change between windows/documents in the same app. It would be great if I could hit cmd + ` (standard system shortcut) in a space and be taken to the next space with the same app. This would be great for devs with multiple project windows open, writers with multiple word or other text editors open and anyone who uses multiple full screen browser windows

I see that cmd-` switches between windows of the same app, if they are on the same space, but not if otherwise.

However, do you see the behaviour you want by clicking on the app icon in the Dock?

(For example on my system, repeatedly clicking the Safari icon in the Dock cycles through the open windows including the full screen ones).

that’s pretty neat, i’ve not seen that before, thanks. ideally i’d like not to have to take my hands off the keyboard though, especially when i’m in the ‘zone’ :smile: