[Feature-Request] Add "Switch to Main/specific/designated space" to Hotcorners options


I know this will be too much to request a new feature for TS in the coming annual Apple new products release and lots of new bugs is flooding on the way and you guys may be busy dealing with them.

In TS Hotcorners, “Switch to previous space” is an excellent function.
I wonder if you would love to add a new option like “Switch to Main/specific/designated space”.

I have a 3*3 grid for TS, and the middle one is my main working space. The remaining space around it is for reference/Internet/SNS/entertainment/etc…
Though I have so many ways to get back to the main working space like “Show overview grid”, remembering positions of each space, I still got lost in the forest of the spaces.
I know I still can designate my main working space a shortcut, but it seems to be to a bit more clumsier than just move the cursor to trigger the hotcorner.

This is why I’m expecting a new hotcorner option for switching to the main space.

Thanks in advance. :blush:

Agree, would be a useful feature.

Thanks for considering this. :star_struck: