Feature Request - app launches preferences

Currently, the TotalSpaces application loads TotalSpaces into the menu bar, and clears the “hide menu bar icon” if it’s set. I think that this isn’t great UX; instead it should open the Preferences window, from where the user could clear the “hide menu bar icon” themself if that’s what they wanted. This only applies if TotalSpaces is already running.

I agree, this is a probably better way. I’ll see what can be done for this.

I came over here to make this same request. Every time I want to change something, I open the app and then change it, and then I have to go back to General, untick the box, click the button on the modal dialog, and then quit.

I have mitigated this by getting Bartender.

Just to update this thread, this was fixed in version 2.1.10.

From the changelog:

“When the status bar hidden setting is on, re-launching the application now just shows the preferences rather than changing the setting.”