Feature Request: Back/Forward/Refresh on Context Menu

I’ve posted this suggestion on other Mac related forums and have requested it on Apple’s website a few times but it occurs to me that you might be able to implement it. I spend the majority of my computer time using a web browser, usually Firefox. I constantly use the context menu to access the Back, Forward and Reload commands. Then when I switch to the Finder, I try to access those context menu commands as a reflex action but they aren’t available. Is there any possibility for you to add those commands to the Finder’s context menu in a future update? May I suggest a Back, Forward and Refresh choice? Maybe even add the Toggle Dual Mode command on there too.

TotalFinder is a great Finder addition and thanks for your work on it. I only wish you could have an infinite amount of time to add some of your new features to the old v1.3.4 so I could use them on my ancient, original 32-bit 2006 iMac (10.6.8) machine. Weirdly, I use that old iMac more than I use my 2012 MBP (10.9.3) and it continues working well even at a ripe old age of 8. No need to respond to this wild request. I understand.