Feature Request "Change space" while in Mission Control mode


I often use Mavericks’s default Mission Control, but I find TS2’s “Change Space” hotkeys are useless in Mission Control mode. Although there is no point of “Animation” in Mission Control mode for the transitions, at least, in my opinion, it would still make sense to expect the hotkeys to transition back & forth while in that mode. Otherwise as a workaround solution I have to use Mac’s default keyboard shortcut preferences to configure the behavior.

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Yes, - I actually use three finger swipe whilst in mission control - and I use four finger swipe for TotalSpaces, or the hotkeys.

But, as you say, the TS hotkeys don’t do anything in mission control mode. It’s possible this could be fixed, but I suspect it would only make sense for left and right hotkeys (you agree?)

Agreed, sir.


In fact, there is a reason I use Mission Control over Overview Grid (I think you may even know why). But I think it would be worth creating dedicated thread to that later.