Feature Request: Clicking an open app in the dock switches to that space

It would be very convenient if clicking an already opened application in the Dock switched to the space that application window is located on. For example: I have Mail assigned to Desktop 2. I’m on desktop 4 surfing safari. I click on the Mail Icon on my dock and it activates the Mail App but doesn’t switch to the desktop the Mail Application is located on: Desktop 2.


In System Preferences, choose Mission Control and select

“When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application”

That should do it!


For some reason I have this checked and its not working. I’m running 10.10 and the latest version, any idea why?

Ok, so I figured it out. I had previously disabled spaces and mission control via defaults. I had to undue that then the switching came back. Details on how to do that here:

Ah ok! Thanks for noting the link.