Feature request: colored tabs

I love using TotalFinder, but there is one feature that I would really like to see added: colored tabs.

It is currently possible to tag individual files, such that they change color. But what would really help, since I frequently have several tabs open at once, is to assign each one a different color, to make it easier to figure out which is which (this is especially important when two tabs show the same directory name (e.g. “src”). Could the tags feature be extended to do this?

That said, the ability to tag directories would not be as useful for this purpose as the ability to assign a color to a tab, regardless of which directory it is currently showing. That way, each tab could be used for one branch of the file tree and retain the same color.

I hope this is clear enough. Thanks for all your hard work on TotalFinder. It’s a great app!

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Interesting… This is one of the features I love in Firefox with the colourful tabs plugin. It colors the tabs based on the URL. It would be interesting if you could configure a “top level folder” and assign a color to it. (in that case it would auto-color tabs based on the folder)
Manual colors would be less interesting for me but I do see a case for that.