Feature Request: Column View - Update Session Restore Behavior


I use the “column view” as my default view. When TotalFinder starts, the tabs and paths that I previously had open are restored as expected, BUT folders are displayed with their full paths as if I had used the “Go to folder: /[path]” feature to open them, with all of the parent folders also being displayed as columns. I personally would greatly prefer that TotalFinder restore the views so, as if I were to have clicked on a favorite or shortcut with the location being the base of further navigation.


If you click on a favorite location, this location is displayed as the base location and the parent folders AREN’T displayed as columns. If you use [CMD+SHIFT+G] and you enter a path such as /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ then the Finder.app opens this folder, but all of its parent folders ARE displayed as columns.

Suggested Solution

Save the previous paths as shortcuts and open the shortcuts on session restore or figure out what switches are available to select the different types of views.

I second this motion. This issue has been bugging me for some time. Ever since installing Mavericks, my computer has been crashing a lot—multiple times a week—and every time I restart, folders are displayed with their full paths and I have to go about making them all appear like I want yet again. I would love it if the above solution were implemented.

Doesn’t look like there has been any activity on this topic in a while, but I’d like to mention that I’m still having this issue. It doesn’t happen every time, but it does happen some of the time, and it shouldn’t be happening at all. I don’t restart my computer very often, but when I do, I get this issue probably somewhere around half the time.

Will this bug ever get fixed? I’m hoping someone at BinaryAge takes a look at this soon.