[Feature Request] Delay saving previous space

I love the “Switch to previous space” feature and have an idea / request for refinement. It would be useful if TotalSpaces didn’t “save” the “previous space” if you’ve spent less than something like 1 second in it. (or some configurable settling time)

The use case is that I often alternate between two spaces. When I’m in one space and need to look for the other space I need to work in, I use the “change space” keyboard shortcuts (e.g. arrow keys) to locate the space I need. When I find the space I need to be in, the previous space is something I just happened to transit through on my way to my final destination. Hence, the space I want to go back to with the shortcut is not the previous space the TotalSpace showed me.

If TotalSpaces delayed remembering the space that you’d just arrived at, it would ignore the transients.

Hopefully, you understand my description. This tools is valuable beyond belief. Thanks as always.

Yes I understand. Looks feasible by adding a timestamp to the record of the previous space change. If I can make it work and it feels intuitive, then expect it in the next version.