Feature request: different grids when # of monitors changes

A couple things I’d like TotalSpaces to do:

  • Use a different grid arrangement when I have an external monitor connected. The ideal arrangement is different when all the spaces are on one monitor vs. spread across two. I actually don’t care how many rows and columns I have (I just want the thumbnails in grid view to be as large as possible), so I would also be happy with a setting that just automatically adjusts the rows/columns for best fit whenever the number of monitors changes.

  • When I disconnect my monitor, Mission Control removes one of my desktops. I don’t know why, but if TotalSpaces could just always ensure I have the correct number of desktops (instead of me having to click “Add Desktops”), it would eliminate this problem.

I don’t have a full solution but this app may help you:


It doesn’t create or delete spaces, it only moves them to the correct monitors, so the issue with the disappearing space remains. I don’t know why apple chose to do this (it seems that one special space belongs to each monitor and can’t be moved).