[Feature Request] Display Apps Icons - Grid Overview - Cmd+Tab Style

Hi !

First of all, TotalSpaces is awesome :smile:

When I am sliding between Spaces, I have a small grid overview on the display I an interacting with.
=> This is cool to see the spaces layout while moving !!


  • It would be even better if we could see the icons of the apps running in each spaces (Like when Apps are in full screen Mode)

  • It would be also cool if we could have a cmd+Tab style switch mechanism for spaces with this grid overview

  • I already use HyperSwitch that allow me to switch between Apps running only on 1 desktop/space (To keep focus)

  • And I already use the native cmd+tab switch for switching between Apps runing in every spaces on the system.

Thanks in advance !


  1. The name of each space appears in the notification graphic - naming the spaces helps I find.

  2. You can navigate between spaces using just the keyboard - you can call up the overview grid and use the arrow keys and enter to choose the space you want to go to.

Hi @stephen,

  1. I know that the name appears, Thx
    But I create / delete spaces on the fly according to my work. Naming the spaces is an extra step I have to do.
    I find it really helpful to see the icon of the app in this โ€œpreviewโ€ mode.
    It would also add a user experience similar to the cmd+tab I was referring to.

  2. Same note. I was thinking in user experience.

  • cmd+tab: switch apps
  • alt+tab: switch windows in 1 desktop / spaces
  • XXX+tab: switch desktops