Feature request: Let apps follow when desktop changes?

Hi. Have an idea on TotalSpaces.

Wish TotalSpaces could add a new feature to let some apps to follow when I swipe between desktops.

Like, I use the Anki.app a lot to make Medical cards, or use Notes.app to take notes, I hope when I change the desktops to collect informations, these 2 apps will follow me to the new active desktop.

This is also like the screenshot of the Snappy.app, once a snap is taken, the screenshot will follow me to any desktop I switch, which I think will be a good example for better working.

Best regards.

You can set an app to “All Spaces” in the Apps preferences in TotalSpaces2. Is this what you wanted?

I mean, can apps follow me to the new desktop when I switch desktops.
This means, when notes.app is running in desktop 1, and I switch from desktop 1 to desktop 2, get notes.app move to desktop 2 by itself.
For the moment, I have to drag it from desktop 1 to desktop 2 in expose mode.

Thanks for replying.

Something to add:
Here’s an ANOTHER feature request:
Since we can assign specific apps to specific desktops, will you consider add the feature to assign specific files/docs to specific desktops? At my circumstance I desperately need it.


The All Spaces setting for an app should do this.

As for assigning documents to desktops - I don’t know of a way to do that. I think it would be neat indeed, but there is no easy way to implement something like this.

Thanks a lot.
I get it there. All Spaces feature is so~~~smoooooooooooooooth! A splendid piece of work you have done for us!! Thanks so much.