Feature Request: more liberal inter-space window placement

One issue I frequently encounter when moving windows to other spaces in overview mode is after dropping the window over the new space the window will bounce back to its original location because I didn’t get the window aligned near exactly inside the destination space. Alignment is especially difficult when dealing with windows that are maximized – in my case with terminals that are maximized vertically.

I would like to see TotalSpaces be more liberal about window placement when moving windows. In overview mode I really just care about getting the window to the destination space, so I feel that if the pointer is over a new destination space that should be sufficient and that TotalSpaces do its best to fit the window within the confines of the new space. After that, I can switch out of overview mode and fine-tune its location rather that trying todo so in overview mode.


Yes, thanks for the reminder of this issue, it’s definitely something we want to fix asap.