Feature Request: Move windows via KB shortcut

Is there a way to move a window to a new desktop via KB shortcuts? I know I can drag them with the mouse, but I was hoping that I could do a CTRL+CMD+SHIFT and an arrow key over a window that has focus and have it move to an adjacent workspace. This feature exists in Gnome and gasp in some virtual desktop managers for Windows. Thanks.


That’s not possible now, although it is indeed one of the most requested features.

You can, however, hold the mouse down on the title bar of a window, and then change space using the hotkeys, which will have the same effect.

I like the feature;
Stephen,I think I need three hands as your method;

Total Spaces seems to be almost everything I want from virtual desktops. The only think missing is the configurable keyboard shortcuts for moving windows. So it’s a +1 from me.


Another hand votes for this.
This is the only feature I miss since I’ve moved from Ubuntu to OS X.

This feature does exist in TotalSpaces2 for Mavericks, if that is of any help.