Feature Request: New Tab/Window by clicking on icon in the tray

it would be very helpful, if clicking on the icon in the tray (if the finder is allready active) would open a new tab or a new window.

Assuming Visor is not enabled.

AFAIK Clicking the icon in the Dock will:

  • open new Finder window if there is no existing Finder window.
  • activate last Finder window otherwise (possible space switch)

yes, but it would be great if clicking on the icon would open another window (like cmd+n) if the finder is allready activated.
Background: I use total finder because of the colored labels but I like to work with individual finder windows instead of tabs. And since Apple is refusing to provide us with a “new window” button in the menu it would be pretty helpful to have a quick mouse possibility to open a new window. (ok using right mouse button and then the left provides the same result, I know, but one click is quicker than two clicks…)
Talking about the menu: I don’t know, if you have the possibility to add new buttons, but a “new window” and a “go to parent folder” would be great.