Feature Request: Option to create Text file

Would it be possible to add an option to create an empty text file either in the right-click context menu below the option “New Folder” or as Icon in the Finder Window. I hate it that I need to open a text editor first each time I need to create a text file in Finder.


I’d love to see this feature as well. I switched to Mac (and bought the fantastic TotalFinder) at the start of 2014 and am still right-clicking to create a text file in the folder I’m in.

This would save me a lot of time as I’m a developer and navigating deep nested folders all the time.

Looks like there have been some solutions and an open source app posted over the years if it helps.


Yes, I’d like to see this feature as well. It’s incredibly useful and I find myself continuously using it within windows. Common guys, how hard could this possibly be?

Yes it would be very useful. We can notice xtrafinder already do it.

Any update about this?