[Feature Request] option to disable up/down trackpad swipes


The TotalSpaces implementation of trackpad swipes works great: it intercepts the system command, then does its own thing, changing the space with TotalSpaces. Then in Mission Control it passes through the system commands so Mission Control swipes still work as expected. So far so good. Better than anything that can be achieved with BetterTouchTool.

But, if the number of columns in TotalSpaces > 1 then up/down swipes change space, so you can’t enter Mission Control with the Trackpad, which I don’t like (I can already reach any space with left/right swipes and circulation enabled).

So I think this would be a good feature, and also probably easy to implement.

Thanks for reading.


I use TotalSpaces with 4 finger swiping, and Mission control with 3 finger, so I can use both from the trackpad. Does that configuration help you?


That works, but I don’t like that configuration very much. I feel like desktop change should be only with 4 fingers, otherwise you have to change the hand position after activating Mission Control.

By the way, (this is unrelated): thanks a lot for implementing “Switch to previous space”, it’s very useful!