Feature Request: "Recent Places" Toolbar Dropdown

What I would love to see is a Recent Places pane option for Finder’s main toolbar, similar to the way that most applications have exactly that in their save dialogue boxes. If this were available as a customizable setting that I could default into every finder window, my work-flow and productivity would be off the charts. As it is right now, I’m constantly getting bogged down having to dig around for the folders I was just opening and that it turns out need to get back to sooner than I had anticipated. Most of the time they’re insignificant folders that I need to jump back and forth between, not important enough to justify an alias in the sidebar forever and ever, but important enough that I’ll be needing quick access back and forth between said folders for short bursts of time. I hope that makes sense. Thanks for your consideration.

If you don’t follow what I’m getting at, I went to the trouble of diagramming it out.