Feature Request: Verify after move/copy

Is it possible to have a preference option to verify file(s) after they have been copied or moved (as a pre-requisite to completing the moving of course is a successful verify).

By verify I mean a CRC type compare - so on reading it is calculating a CRC and when finished writing it reads back the whole file and makes sure the calculated CRC matches.

I’m afraid this is beyond scope of TotalFinder. TotalFinder is mostly UI hacks and implementing missing commands. For example cut&paste is implemented as a shim on top of drag & drop feature. I don’t replace Finder’s file copy functionality, cut & paste should have exactly the same behaviour/quirks like drag & drop. Your proposal would probably require me to replace Finder’s copy with my own implementation, which would open a big can of worms. I’m sorry.

Thanks for the explanation, I suspected as much.