Feature Request - wraparound animation fix

If you have Circulation enabled, when you circulate from the rightmost Space to the leftmost, the right-to-left animation is played. The inverse is also true. Since you’re conceptually not changing directions when you do this, it’s a bit jarring to see the screen transition move the wrong way. I would understand if this were implemented as an option rather than an always-on feature.

Actually that’s a bug. Does this version fix the problem?: http://downloads.binaryage.com/TotalSpaces-1.2.10.zip

I described this bug in a completely misleading fashion. I’m going to walk through it because I still can’t describe it well.

Let’s say you have four spaces laid out in a single row. You’re on Space 1 and you click the Dock icon of an app that is in Space 4. When circulation is off, you animate as if you are moving right, as expected. If it’s on, you still animate as if you are moving right, even though you could get there faster by going left. Just tested in v2.1.10.

If there is an equal distance between the spaces, I think it should be animated the same as it would be if circulation were off.

An alternative solution would be to quickly animate past each intervening space, like zooming through Cover Flow.

Ok, so in the case that circulation is on, you would prefer the animation to go the other way if the new space is reachable (and adjacent) via circulation. (When the space change is the result of a system event such as an app switch.)

This is doable and sounds helpful to me.

(Zooming past other spaces is very hard to implement well, and mucks up the cmd-tab app switcher history.)