[FEATURE SUGGESTION] Copy/Move improvements


Here’s with some idea that I would have loved Apple to implement in Mavericks, although I know they won’t. It’s a simple (hum…) idea that I originally took from KDE interface:

PROBLEM: when transferring files, the Finder shows 2 things (three with TotalFinder running) : the transfer window (with time remaining etc…), the progress bar near the file(s) being transferred and a progress bar below the Finder icon in Dock. Now my rant is obvious: the transfer window is no more appropriate! It should have been removed from OSX once progress bars appeared in Finder in the first place. What’s the point otherwise to add a clutter free progress bar ???

(POSSIBLE) SOLUTION: And for my solution, it goes with the addition of a progress bar below the Finder icon in Dock: we know it’s possible to show “bubbles” above Dock icons with HyperDock. So why not have an option in Total Finder to remove the transfer window, and instead add a bubble above the Finder Dock icon that shows the same thing ? That’s something KDE do since long long time, and it works really well. It’s clutter free and redundant window free :wink:

Maybe the “bubble” idea is not the best way, it’s just a suggestion, but really I do think that something like this should be proposed for OSX, and I don’t see another tool than TotalFinder to do the job.

What do you think ?

My gut says that it’s a non-trivial thing to eliminate the transfer window.

However, I also think that if (and big if, since there are a few other features and bugs “ahead” in the development queue) we were to do something like this, we’d probably be tackling Finder’s overall handling of file copies…notably, lots of people complain about the lack of native file copy queueing.

@lozeremedia thank you for sharing!

I think it’s a non-trivial matter too, since I have to always put it somewhere where it does not disturb me. It’s a loss of screen space and a loss of time ^^

By file copy queuing you mean ways to manage files in queue ? If it is, that’s true that only being able to cancel a transfer (no pause, or anything) is a real pain.

I agree that a compete lifting of transfer management in OSX is important. Although a simple removal option for the transfer window could be start. Dunno how much time it would take. I assume it depends whereas you already tried to answer the question or if it’s a real new matter to you. It seems that you already can cancel a transfer from the icon of the file being copied, so the transfer window really is useless…

Anyway, thanks for taking interest :slight_smile: