Fewer updates, please

I love TotalFinder, and I will never give it up, but could you possibly bundle updates so as to limit releases to maybe once a week? Twenty-seven update releases in about 3-4 months means, like, two or more updates per week. Today, I had to go through the update process twice in one day.

I know you want to give every user access to every minor feature update and bug fix a.s.a.p. But there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Averaging out at one release a week would be just superfine with me.


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Yes, I will try to reduce the frequency. Actually you are subscribed to beta channel of updates. Maybe you should consider to switching to stable updates which are released usually once per month.

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Thanks for the quick response! You’re right I had “include pre-releases” checked. I’ve unchecked it now.

Thanks again. Great product!!!

I enjoy the frequency of updates personally. It at least lets me know that there is an update unlike many other software. Thankfully, I can choose to update the software or not when it notifies me. I am very busy through the day and when I’ve seen that there are frequent updates with TotalFinder, I just make note of it or wait for the next notification. No biggie for me.

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I also enjoy the frequency of the updates. I’m glad that the app is actively developed. I think that it’s easier for the developers to pin-point a problem when the updates are not bundled, but released as they become available.
Thanks for the hard work.


+1 for frequent updates, I prefer more updates and sooner bugfixes, too.