Folder on top function

First of all, thank you so much!
But I’m very sorry to tell you 1.5.14 still has the sam problem,
could you please check the app again and fix it.
Thanks again!!!

Oh, I forgot to add, that this works only under Mavericks.

What is your system version, what language setting do you use?

On my system, Documents still show up above Folders. OS X 10.9.1, TF 1.5.14; Sort by Name, Arrange by Kind, Column View

My system is Marvericks 10.9.1, language is Chinese

It seems the issue continues with 1.5.14. This is the behavior I am seeing:

What I have noticed is that when not sorting by type, folders are on top. As
soon as you switch to Sort By Kind (Kind and then Name), it sorts
alphabetically by the ‘name of the type’. Meaning, Type-Documents are listed
first, then Type-Folders, then Type-PDF, then Type:Spreadsheet, and so on…
So if the Type:Folder name (meaning the actual label that OSX gives to
folders) was ‘1Folder’ then it would always be on top since nothing comes
before 1 alphabetically. Hope that’s descriptive enough. I could provide
some screenshots if that will help.

I am running Mavericks 10.9.1 on MBP 15-inch Retina


Hi, Mr. Darwin,
thank you for new version of TF(1.5.15)!
but my system Marericks 10.9.1(Chinese) still has the problem.
Please check it out, thank you!!

I’m downloading 10.9.1 and will test it there (my development machine runs 10.9.2 - developer seed).

My machine has only “Folders” and “Others” when I sort by “Kind” in List View / Column View. I’m unable to really switch it to some view, where I would see more groups (even if I go into folders containing docs, pdfs and other file types).

oh, you are using the developer seed,
that’s why you could not see the problem itself.
I can understand it completely!
thank you again!
Mr. Darwin.

You were right the 1.5.15 didn’t work reliably for List View and didn’t work at all for Column View.

But I have good news. I have discovered a completely new way how to do the sorting. This way I do it cleanly the same way how Finder code does it internally. This will increase reliability I believe. I need to do more testing and release 1.5.16 in few hours on beta channel.

This is also a new promise how to effectively implement normal sorting and get rid of edge cases and 1000 items limit.

1.5.16 is out, I hope this one will be good.

Group sorting is working under 10.8 and 10.9. I had to disable it for 10.7, because I would have to find a separate solution there.

Works beautifully for me! Not only are folders on top, but TF as a whole seems a bit “snappier” now if that makes sense. I also used to get these weird Visor “flashes” (e.g., when dragging a desktop item to the Trash with Visor visible), but those appear gone, too.

Thanks so much, Antonin!

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Hey folks, please update to 1.5.17. Previous version had some serious crashing introduced by me commenting out some old code (turned out it was important).

@posburn great! I’m glad to hear. I did lot of internal improvements - less hacks, less redraws and simpler code. Hopefully this will enable me to introduce more complex features in the future.

I still have the same problem: cannot sort file by name or any other,
I don’t think its necessary to upload the photo again,
because it’s just the same like before,
my system is mavericks 10.9.1, Chinese version
I am thinking that maybe because the language is Chinese?

So the Folders on Top is working now with version 1.5.18. Great job…

One behavior that is continuing is on Column view with Arrange by Kind and Sort by Name, it immediately sorts by Date Last Opened even though it is set to Sort by Name. If I click on another folder and then come back to the folder I was viewing, it then sorts by Name. I was going to call Apple Support to see if this is some issue with Mavericks but am afraid they will try to blame it on TF. Any thoughts? Again, I appreciate your hard work in fixing these problems…

So you can see very clearly from this photo,
I am very sorry to tell you that it doesn’t work on this version,
and I don’t know why…
could you please help us out…
Thank you!

@cameljok could you please test that scenario with plain Use CMD+OPT+ESC to kill with TotalFinder and it will restart as a plain Finder.

thank you for your concern!
here is my plain scenario

I sorted by Type or name or any thing, but it is just the same, folder not on top.
thank you again~

@Lai_Natsuki I will investigate your issue. I just had to release 1.5.19 on stable channel to provide good version for people upgrading OS X to 10.9.2. Stay tuned.

100% understand~!
and by the way, this problem continues on Mavericks 10.9.2

I killed and relaunched Finder (without TF running). In Column view, it exhibited the same behavior so the issue is with OSX and not TF. I could contact Apple tech support to see if they have any info on this.

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