Font of name in spaces overview

All, when i go to the overview grid the font or the text itself is pretty small. Is there any way to change this to anything bigger?

I know the grid view itself shows you what is in there but i sometimes have a few spaces extra for some other stuff but then i just check the name to keep it tidy. Since i am working on a imac 5k in high resolution its pretty tiny to see the grid name.

Can this be added or is this an option?


There is no option for this. It’s fixed to 14pt LucidaGrande-Bold I think.

I understand this could look small on a dense display. But adding more config params is something I try to resist as it bloats the software with more things we need to test.

However, I wonder if we could automatically bump up the font size for bigger displays. How much bigger would you think it would need to be on your display?

I can understand that you don’t want more option, its clean as it is thats true. I would say 3x the size it is now would help.

While i have you in this message, is there also an option that i can use the arrows to quickly go to another space without swapping to the spaces in between.

So say i have a display thats

Space | Space | Space (x)
Space | Space (o) | Space

And i want to go from space (x) to space (o) i need to go at least down or left (through another space) to get to there. Would it not be nice that if you click down -> left or left -> down in “quick” succesion that it can skip the space in between?


You can, if you wish, assign hotkey shortcuts to specific spaces enabling you to go directly to them. Does that help? See the bottom of this page

That works indeed, but would be nicer from the small grid view to go from there (since that has names on it)