Force opening all finder windows in visor


I’m fighting with totalfinder and opening all finder tabs/windows in totalfinder visor.
Now when i have a visor opened/hidden, and i click on some folder to open it, it opens in Finder native window above totalfinder visor.

Is there any solution for that?

I’m on 10.12.4

You can set a hidden tweak to force all windows to open in Visor:

defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderAlwaysUseVisorForNewTabs -bool YES

Relevant discussion:

not helping

Interesting this is not how it behaves on my system macOS 10.12.5.

Don’t you hold SHIFT while clicking that desktop folder icon?

Just looking into the actual code, you might want to try two additional tweaks which might interfere:

defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDisableShiftTabSuppression -bool YES
defaults write com.binaryage.totalfinder TotalFinderDontMakeTabs -bool NO

This one helped!


Ok, cool, in the past you had to enable this tweak and forgot.

TotalFinderAlwaysUseVisorForNewTabs causes that every new potential Finder window is redirected as a new tab into the Visor window (if exists). Normally it would try to redirect it into last used TotalFinder window which might not always be the Visor window - for example if you open a separate TotalFinder window manually.