Four Finger Gesture enabled also enables a Five Finger Gesture

I have “Swipe to change space” set to 4 fingers. It apparently also enables a five finger gesture that is the same as the native mac gesture “Swipe between full-screen apps”. The “hidden gesture” does not consistently activate with the five finger swipe.
If I were to change the “Swipe to change space” option to three or five fingers, or disable the option altogether, the “hidden gesture” is gone. This has been present as long as I can remember since the official release of TotalSpaces 1 and remains present in TotalSpaces 2. It happens on both my Macbook Pro 2011 running 10.8.5 (TotalSpaces 1.2.11) and Macbook Pro 2013 with 10.9.2 (TotalSpaces 2.0.17).
I’m not sure if this is intentional but I want to disable it because I also use BetterTouchTool with five finger swipe gestures and the “hidden gesture” conflicts with it.


I’ve tried to reproduce this, but I’m not able to.

I have Swipe to change space set to 4 fingers (that’s my usual setting).

But I don’t get any 5 finger gesture. If I turn on or off Swipe between fullscreen apps in Trackpad prefs it’s the same - I can’t do anything with 5 fingers.

Can you post your exact setup in More Gestures in Trackpad config?

I have everything disabled in More Gestures.
A common way for me to consistently reproduce it, since swiping with five fingers (one hand) does not always activate the gesture, is to have one finger of my left hand on the trackpad and swipe with four fingers with my right hand.

I also logged into the guest account to ensure that none of the apps I installed that could be the cause would be running in the background and the problem with TotalSpaces was still present.

Thanks. I see it, just occasionally I can trigger it using your technique.

I’ll take a look and see if this can be resolved.

I believe I have resolved this.

Please try this version:

After using this version I have not been able to reproduce the problem. The problem seems fixed. Thank you for your help! I will keep you posted if something comes up.