Freeze and Spinning wheel when network is enabled

When Wifi is enabled, TotalFinder often “freezes” with the spinning wheel for several seconds (like 10). This happens sometimes when navigating to another drive or directory, and sometimes it happens spontaneously. It NEVER happens with Finder alone (i.e. TotalFinder not running). And it NEVER happens under TotalFinder if Wifi is disabled.

It looks like TF is trying to reach a resource on the network and hangs until it times out. Any clues? Let me know if there is a diagnostic or log I can produce to show what’s going on.

TotalFinder 1.6.17 under Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks on a MBP 2.9Ghz Core i7 with 16Gb RAM. Two hard drives, one is 512Gb SSD (system disk), the other a brand new 1Tb Samsung EVO SSD.


Further investigation revealed that the delay (pinwheel spinning) is always exactly 20 seconds, which is an indication that TF is timing out on something.

THIS SOLVED THE ISSUE: There was a shortcut in Finder’s sidebar for which actual files no longer existed (i.e. the directory is not on the disk anymore) but the shortcut remains. Finder itself has no problem with this (no hanging), but for some reason TotalFinder seems to be hunting for it, possibly by looking at network connections, and eventually timing out. Removing the stale shortcut from Finder’s sidebar resolved the issue, TF is no longer hanging.

IMHO this is a bug in TF that should be fixed.