Full Screen Application Window Without Creating a New Desktop

I’m wondering if this is possible. I’d like to keep the number of desktops consistent throughout the user session. Thanks in advance for any advice or direction regarding this inquiry.


The only way to do that is to not use Maverick/Yosemite’s Full Screen mode which creates a new space for it.
I seriously doubt there is any way to stop it from creating the new space.

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Not the answer I was hoping for but thanks for the prompt response.

Scottrickman is correct. I have looked at implementing something in TotalSpaces that opens a fullscreen app notionally on top of the space you open it in. It would still show as an additional space in Mission Control, but we could keep the grid the same in TotalSpaces.

It’s a little bit complex to implement something like this (where do the windows on the hidden space go?), but a few users have requested it, and I think it would be neat. It’s not something we already have under active development though.

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Hi Stephen - How can I delete the config files I’ve saved in the DisplaySpacesManager app?

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They are saved in ~/.ts2_spaces_configs - this is a JSON file, you can edit it with a text editor.

Sorry there isn’t any easier method as yet.