Function key for shortcuts

Is it possible to add the ability to use the function key (fn) when creating hotkeys.

We’d like it to - will be looking at the shortcut recorder over the weekend, so I’ll be able to give an answer soon.

+1 would be great to have fn in the list of keys for Change Space in TotalSpaces2.

We took a quick look at the shortcut recorder, but most keys don’t work with Fn. It’s the same for other apps (eg Alfred). I don’t think it’s possible to do generally.

However, Fn and the arrow keys don’t work at the moment, this should work, so we are looking to fix that asap.

If you update to v2.0.5 you can use the new Custom settings in Hotkeys prefs to set the Fn-arrow keys as your hotkeys.

Awesome, world like a charm! Thanks.