Getting an occasional freeze when I go into/out of TotalSpaces

This has been happening infrequently, perhaps twice a month. Is there a log file somewhere that might be of help that I could post?

I was able to take a screenshot:

As you can see, only one of my spaces showed up when I went to TotalSpaces, the others were blank (not even their backgrounds appear).

I’ve tried letting it sit around for awhile – after about 15 minutes I did a force restart.

I use the bottom left corner as my TotalSpaces trigger. Repeatedly going back to that corner doesn’t bring things back. Neither does the escape key.

I think this is happening if/when I go into/out of TotalSpaces rather quickly - perhaps even doing it a couple times in a row - often by accident.

Yes, if it happens please look in and see if you can scroll back to where the freeze happened. I am very interested in any messages from TotalSpaces or Dock.

TotalSpaces is programmed to cancel the overview grid on wake (even if keyboard/trackpad input is not working) - so it’s worth putting your machine to sleep and waking it to see if that fixes the freeze (rather than rebooting straight away).

I can confirm this behavior. I love TotalSpaces, but I must confirm this same behaviour, I think after migration to 10.9.2. I can confirm the impression, that this happens when quickly changing screens. I get a total freeze. I probably mostly work with my external screen (EIZO) when this happens. If I wait too long, then everything freezes and I must make a hard restart. When I open up my mac as well, so that I have two screens, I sometimes manage to shut TotalSpaces down and start it again.
I am sad about this behaviour of a favoured program of my mac

Hi Harris, obviously I’m very keen to fix this.

I can’t reproduce it at the moment - so I would certainly love to see some logs if either of you are able to provide them.

Hi Stephen,
good that you want to take care about this.
I will make a log copy when this happens again. Shall I post that here?

Sure, or email to if it’s easier.

Just to check in - it hasn’t happened again yet, but next time it does, I’ll certainly post the log file.