Grid view lags when using DisplayLink adapter

I have a second external monitor connected via DisplayLink adapter (with the newest - marverick compatible displaylink drivers installed). Looks like the grid overview painfully lags when selecting or moving windows across the grid. Somethimes I can’t even quite the grid view for a few seconds.
Problem mysteriously disappears when USB adapted gets disconnected.

Yes, I think there are issues with this driver. I have also another report of problems.

I would interested to know if you find that Mission Control works normally with the DisplayLink connected monitor? Can you drag desktops between displays correctly in Mission Control?

Mission Control works quite smooth (as much as USB performance allows :wink: but there are definitely no delays when I try to select app or move app to other workspace. The thing which may help you to track down this issue is that TotalSpaces works perfectly for first few “exposes”. Then it gets hiccup and randomly freezes for 5-8 seconds, so it’s even hard to close grid view.

If there is something more I could help you to solve this problem, just let me know. Thanks!