Has anybody tried Sierra yet?

Just curious if any TotalSpaces users have installed the new MacOS Sierra and tested TotalSpaces on it… It seems like maybe the spaces system got tweaked since the new PiP thing works across spaces, but hopefully that all doesn’t break TotalSpaces.

Apple puts these next versions under NDA, so I never know how much we’re allowed to discuss.

I can say that TotalSpaces isn’t working on REDACTED right now, but this is always expected and we’re fairly confident in being able to fix it.

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There was a decent thread going here last year around this time that nobody complained about… TotalSpaces didn’t work initially on El Cap either, but was fixed very quickly! Good luck, and thanks for the continued development!

I should have added a winky face to convey that “I’ve covered my ass with the above statement, now feel free to discuss” :wink: