Help TF Messed Up A Folder-Spinning Wheel

Everything has been running smooth, until this morning. (installed TF latest version for Yosemite a few days ago)

Opened a folder, and went to add a New folder… then every thing went south. Got the spinning wheel of death. For a while it was hard to do anything. Finally, did the following with no fix-problem still exits.
First, I deleted TF using the TF Uninstaller and then went through the below list. Not necessarily in order and sometimes I repeated the process.

  1. Restarted the computer
  2. Relaunched the finder
  3. dumped the finder.plist file
  4. trashed three cloudkitMetadata / used Activity Monitor to quit ‘cloudd’
  5. Deleted the “bad” folder, dragged a backed up folder from a backup drive.
  6. Repeated 5 but used Chronosync to reinstall the folder from the backup drive
  7. Launched in safe mode, ran permissions

Note: The folders above and below the “bad folder” open and close quickly and smoothly, I can create a new folder and everything works blazzing fast. But when I do “anything” with THIS bad folder I get the spinning wheel. That shouldn’t happen. In fact, it never happened until this morning. I’ve opened this folder before.

Oh, it gets more mystifying. If I double click the “bad folder” wait for the spinning wheel to to its thing, until the bad folder opens in a new finder window, ALL the subfolders work fine-n-snappy. I can quickly add a “new folder”.

My only solution at this time is scatter the contents of the bad folder out into my documents folder. (The bad folder is a sub-folder of Documents). I do this using Chronosync : Backup “good folder” from backup to Documents on my SSD. That’s all I can do for now.

My only conclusion is some how TF messed it up when I clicked on Add a New Folder from the Finder Window “gear”.

Mac mini late 2012 10.10.5 on a 1TB SSD.

I will welcome any suggestions.

Does it behave the same with basic Finder without TotalFinder running?

Hi Darwin,
Yes, the problem continued after deleting TF. Never had the problem before using TF. It is soo weird and baffling, just that one folder is loading slow and it all started when I tried to add a sub-folder while using TF.

TotalFinder does not override any Finder functionality when creating new folders, so it is unlikely that TF has caused this issue.

Okay, thanks Darwin. I’ll have to research more why this is happening. Thank you for letting my know.