How should TS2 work as it relates to different monitor configs?


I’m considering buying TS2 but have not been able to make it do what I’d really like to, and am not sure it’s able to. let me describe:

I use my MB Pro in three scenarios:
a) At home, with a total of 3 screens: 2 external monitors plus the built-in LCD
b) By itself, with only the built-in display
c) At the office, with a total of 3 screens as in A above

Ideally, I would like one grid configuration consisting of around 13 spaces.
If I’m in either a) or c) above, the first 6 spaces should be on the “left” external monitor, the next 6 spaces should be on the right external monitor, and the last space should be on the built-in display. (or it can be arranged that the first 6 are on the left, the 7th is on the LCD, and the last 6 are on the right - doesn’t matter, just want them in a particular order).

If I’m in b) above, I want the same 13 spaces but all in the same order on the single display. And if I find myself with only 1 external monitor connected, I don’t have any preference there and am fine to manually arrange it since it happens so rarely.

The dashboard should be on the left-hand external monitor if I’m in a) or c).

Can TS2 do this?

To be honest I don’t know if you will be able to get it to work as you intend. Which monitor the spaces appear on is managed by OSX.

At least I observe that it seems to keep one space reserved on each monitor - so each monitor has its own home space that never leaves it.

Some users reported that spaces do not migrate back to the monitors they were originally on when displays are unplugged and plugged back in. But for me this doesn’t happen - OSX seems to remember the config correctly.

If you find that spaces are not migrating back to the monitors correctly you might try a small app I wrote to assist with this:

It allows you to record a config and re-apply it later. But it doesn’t automatically create or destroy spaces.

How does one delete previous configurations in this app? I have a longish list and the names aren’t very meaningful and I want to clean up the list… but there seems to be no way to trim the list down or to remove configuration…


Sorry, right now the only way is to carefully edit ~/.ts2_spaces_configs with some kind of text editor.

If the app is proving useful to people I’ll add a delete facility within.