How to fix column width in list view, please help!

Just bought TotalFinder, thank you for an excellent product!

My problem:
Switching tabs in visor list view resets the name column width.
Visor spans my whole 4k display which results in name column containing ~50 cm of dead space until next column.
I can double-click separator to resize name col to an appealing size but upon opening a folder or switching tabs it resets.
This makes browsing in list mode almost impossible.
How can I save the name column width in list view or make it auto-resize like double-clicking separator?

Ver: TotalFinder 1.9.3, Sierra 10.12.6
(note: I couldn’t find a solution in the forum, please link me if I’ve missed it)
Thank you!

Hi, thanks for purchasing!

AFAIK this has nothing to do with Visor or TotalFinder. It is related to List View behaviour under recent macOS versions:

I was able to hack this behaviour in TotalFinder but my code applies only to Finder versions before El Capitan:

I could investigate it and try to introduce a new tweak for Sierra. Unfortunately I don’t remember the details right now.


Thanks. That thread is full of crazy resize routines that don’t really work.
Only irritating thing is they posted link to xtraFinder as a solution but that project is half-dead.
I would gladly post link to TotalFinder there as a solution if you manage to fix it,
otherwise it’s not a biggie. Maybe better to see if apple fix it themselves in next version.

Meanwhile, I enable all columns and enable dual pane to fill my list view. Which makes name col of reasonable size.