How to get Finder folders to open in new window with double-click

I must really be an idiot, because I can’t figure out how to get TotalFinder to allow me to change whatever setting affects the double-clicking of Finder folders, causing them to open in a new window.
Apple removed this option a while ago, and while I could command-click folders to have them open in new windows, I’m just hoping that something will allow me to simply double-click folders to have them open in a new window.
Can someone please tell me how this is achieved with TotalFinder?
Thanks ever so much!
Ken Newman

Yes yes, I feel the same way.

I simply cannot deal with it, I wish we could be able to open a new window with a double click.

  1. Yes the checkbox in the Finder preferences is unchecked
  2. Yes the tabs of TotalFinder are disabled
  3. Yes I know about Right click -> Open in New Window
  4. Yes I know about Command/Apple Click to open in a new window
  5. Yes I know about hiding the toolbar (right click window chrome -> hide toolbar)
  6. And yes, I need to make the experience of Finder messing up window sizes daily, just because I forgot about pressing command before clicking.

No, there is no solution. I really looked forward to finding this in your software, but no. Sad.

Why are they (whoever that is), trying to push us out what worked since the 90s?
Because new windows aren’t diverse enough or what? Because iOS and watchOS users would be “confused” (sic!) by a new window without having to go the longest way imaginable?

This stuff is BEYOND ANNOYING (I’m looking in Apple Inc.s direction here).

Please Stephen, be the saviour.

There are many situations when Finder tries to open a new window. Normally TotalFinder “captures” windows Finder is about to create and converts them into tabs in “most suitable TotalFinder (frame) window”. The rules for this mechanism are a bit complicated and evolved over time. For example DMG files are ignored. Or differ when using the Visor feature, etc.

There is a new feature in TotalFinder 1.9.1+. If you are holding SHIFT key during Finder window creation, TotalFinder does not attempt to capture it.

Better install the latest beta and try it: