How to get rid of Dashboard as a Space

I just upgraded to Mavericks, then to Totalspaces2 (BTW, a new category for TotalSpaces2 is needed in the blog).
In the grid overview, I noticed that the Dashboard was sitting on Space 1. I don’t use the Dashboard and wanted just a regular window back. How to get rid of the Dashboard as a Space (TotalSpaces 1 behavior):

  1. Open system preferences, then open Mission Control.
  2. Unclick “Show Dashboard as a Space”.

You may have to logout and back in for it to take effect. Voila.

Yes, thanks for the tip!

I liked the way this worked before with the Dashboard still being visible through TotalSpaces (very top-left corner) but outside the standard n x n grid. It’s now space 1 which doesn’t fit quite as well with keyboard navigation, as it’s not somewhere I go very often, but still want it there when I do!

If there’s enough demand I will add that feature back in (but we liked the cleanliness of just having a grid).

You can drag the dashboard to somewhere else in your grid (when you are in the overview grid), but we are investigating an issue where Dock sometimes places it back in position 1 behind our backs.

please add that back in!

Going back to the days of Snow Leopard, I liked that the Dashboard was not a space in the grid. Would be nice to have that option.

Made up for the lack of a ‘Space #0’ by creating a 4w x 5h grid and placing the dashboard in Space #17 all by its lonesome (I ran a 4x4 grid in Snow Leopard through Mountain Lion).

I second that! I definitely want dashboard in a separate space!