How to move to prior version from new 2.7.4

I’m running TotalSpaces2 on my OS X 10.12.6 Mac Mini system. Since I upgraded to v2.7.4 this morning I’ve been getting strange behavior, where graphic rendering slows down or stops in one or more applications. I also got a boot error when I restarted saying that the App was not loading properly, but I didn’t have time to take in the whole message before it disappeared.

TotalSpaces2 v2.7.4 works for a while, until the sticky cursor and odd problems with drag-and-drop start, finally bringing the current App to a standstill. I have to force quit the affected App in Activity Monitor to reboot. Everything else I’m able to quit normally.

I think I need to revert to the prior version. Please provide instructions for uninstalling v2.4.7. I have the v2.6.24 installer, which is what I was running before I did this latest update, unless there is another version you could suggest (and provide).

To revert, there is an uninstaller supplied in the dmg that the app comes in, you can use that to uninstall any version including v2.7.4. Then install 2.6.24 as normal.

I confess I don’t know why you are getting this behaviour with 2.7.4 - in theory for a 10.12 system there should be no actual difference in the functionality (because the code for 10.13 and 10.14 is only active on those systems), but I’ll check and see if I can find something.

The behavior I described could just be caused by a peculiarity of my system and not related to the boot error I got earlier that mentioned TotalSpaces. If I do actually downgrade to the earlier version of TS2 I’ll post another message reporting the details of my decision. Thank you for your reply: To be quite honest, I had forgotten about the uninstaller, which I have not had cause to use in some time.