How to Navigate Verticaly In Spaces


I’m trying TotalSpaces2 and I made a grid of 4x4 spaces but when I want to navigate them, I just can navigate them horizontally but not vertically and I don’t find if there is an option for that.

The 16 spaces are well disposed in grid in the software but they seems to be only disposed in a line.

I want to buy the software if it works in grid, so thanks to help me.

Thank you

Once you have your grid set up, you should be able to navigate horizontally and vertically using your hotkeys.

See here for layout instructions

See here for hotkeys instructions:

If this is not working, please let me know what you see so I can help.

Thanks you, it works now but I want to move the spaces by just ctrl + arrow keys but these shortcuts are already used by Apple for mission control. I tryed to remove these shortcuts by no shortcuts in pref panel by its seems there is no change. Do you have an idea for that ?


Once you remove the shortcuts in the keyboard pref panel (see graphic of how I have it set up) you should be able to use them in TotalSpaces.

Thanks you, it works like with Snow Leopard !!!

Just last question : When I put an application in fullscreen mode a new space looks to be generated (in back of the grid of spaces) and the application disapeared from the space where it were programmed. Do you have an idea to prevent that ? When in remove the fullscreen mode the application return in his good space.


In short, sorry no I don’t have a way to fix that at the moment.

The longer story is that the system (macOS) generates a new space for the full screen app.
It has been suggested that I should have an option to hide the existing space so that the new fullscreen space ‘occupies’ this position, but this is somewhat complicated to implement because I do normally need all the system spaces to be available inside TotalSpaces.