How to set preferences without the icon on the menu bar

I really like Total Finder. I wish Apple would just make this system the standard.

HOWEVER, I found a bug. I could click on the TF icon on the menu bar to set preferences. I could also right-click on the TF icon on the dock to set preferences.

When I hid the TF icon from the menu bar, the option to set preferences from the dock also disappeared. Now I have no way of setting the TF preferences.

Please help.

I found the solution by accident.
Activate the Finder by clicking on the desktop. Finder will appear on the menu bar next to the Apple icon on the top left.
Click on “Finder” and scroll down to “Total Finder”">"Total Finder Preferences…"
I wish there was better documentation about this, so that I didn’t have to waste so much time on this.

You can go into Finder preferences and switch to TotalFinder pane as well. Or use standard CMD+, shortcut.

I don’t have any better idea what to do to make it more prominent.

Hi There,
I’m using OS 10.9 and TotalFinder 1.5.2 and the Totalfinder preferences pane is not showing up. The menu option is there but when i click on it it opens the Finder pref window sans the TF options.

I take it back. A restart fixed it.