I can no longer set "All spaces", though it works for old apps

I can no longer set a new app - or an app that used to be set for ‘All spaces’ but isn’t any more - to ‘All spaces’.

I have a number of apps that have been set for All spaces since I got this machine nearly 2y ago, and they’re (mostly) fine, but one - Safari - USED to be set that way but (obviously) no longer is, and nothing I do can set it back. ‘All spaces’ still appears in the pull-down, and can be chosen, but then it isn’t selected.

In trying to figure this out, I’ve also discovered that I can no longer set ANY app as All spaces, and that deleting and re-adding an app doesn’t help.

Anyone have any ideas?

The workaround that I’ve been using is to right-click on an app’s icon in the dock and pick Options => Assign To All Desktops. HTH.

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Thank you. That did work!
I almost never use the dock for anything, preferring keyboard as possible, so I’d’ve never thought of that.

That said, I hope this is fixed soon. :slight_smile: