I don't have the Colored Label option in the prefs

I’m confused - I’d like to select the coloured labels option but my version of TotalFinder doesn’t have that feature. It says it’s the latest one (1.5.22) however the Features page referring to the coloured labels says it’s only available in version 1.6. How does one get that version?

James, I had the exact same confusion a few moments ago, and then (a little less moments ago) discovered that if you enable the pre-releases updates under Preferences > TotalFinder > Updates, you get to download TotalFinder 1.5.35, which is considered TotalFinder 1.6 RC1 and features the coloured labels checkbox. Sweet! And a nice easter egg hunt too.

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Sweet - thanks bramchi! :smiley:

I have just updated the docs page to point to the beta releases at least.

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