IF they're never going to sadly update it - what's the last stable intel vers?

Hi, okay so if I like to use intel macs over the inferior M1 chips (check the benchmarks, the i9 way outperforms them), what is the last working stable official version TS2 will run on? Is it Catalina? Is sit Big Sur? Is 11.7 totally okay, polished, and stable?

As I write this there seems to be no release of TS3 anywhere for 13.0+?

I’m still on Big Sur just because totalspaces2 works there.

Same for me

I don’t use TS and I don’t know when a actual release will be, but I seen this posted for TS3 you can give a try.

I’m on Ventura and just download TotalSpaces3, but I cannot get past the screen to enter the license code. The store is closed. Now what? How can I get it to run?

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Is there an Intel version, and will a TotalSpaces2 license still work? Or alternatively, where’s the page to buy TotalSpaces3? With OCLP Ventura can be run at least as far back as mid-2012 MBPs.

It doesn’t work, it crashes after a few minutes and does not reopen, even upon restart. i9.

Yeah but you only get 16 spaces. :frowning:

Odd. I’m running it right now on a 2012 13" MBP, Intel i5, on Ventura. Other than the command to show all my desktops being rather sluggish, it seems to be running adequately.

BTW I sped up the desktop switching animation with this command: defaults write com.binaryage.TotalSpaces3 transitionSpeed -int 1000 . Does anyone know if there’s a similar command for showing all desktops?

I recently started using 9 instead of 16 spaces because the end may be near and I’m trying to train myself out of 16 spaces.

Similar situation here. I was using 16 spaces, which worked until a reboot and then TS3 fails to open. Using 9 spaces now, slightly annoying and it still crashes several times a day but at least it does restart.