Inspector moves focus to different window

When I press Command-Option-I to activate the Inspector, the info on the file chosen in the active window quickly shows, but then the focus goes to a file in a different window, not even in the active tab in that window.
I cannot get the focus back to the file I chose earlier.

Any idea what causes this behavior?
I am using OS 10.9.1 with Totalfinder 1.5.19; it has happened with a couple of earlier versions, as well. I no longer download the pre-releases.


For me with TotalFinder 1.5.22 and OS X 10.9.2, I don’t get the same behavior:

  • I select a particular file
  • I enter cmd-opt-I to activate the Inspector window
  • I get the Inspector window, and the the focus for active window remains with the TotalFinder tab where I selected the file
    (same behavior with native tabs than with TotalFinder tabs)

I guess you could, exceptionally, update TotalFinder (and OS X)…

Hi Ryann,
Since I update totalfinder regularly, I did not expect it to make a change, but your reply is just the encouragement I needed to try it again. I will also install 10.9.2 to see if this helps. Thanks!
Cheers, Dirk

Yes, this should be fixed in 1.5.22.

I released 1.5.19 in quite rush because of 10.9.2 OS update. Still fixing issues introduced by rewriting some internals.

Hi Darwin, I did follow Ryann’s advice (installing 1.5.22 and 10.9.2). The problem is gone most of the time but reappears when I am copying files (one or more, big enough to take some time). In that case, the focus of the inspector goes back to the target folder where I am copying to, and moves away from the folder I am browsing.
Perhaps you can check this behavior for your next update.
Thanks for your efforts!
Cheers, Dirk