Installation error

I’m a fully registered user of TotalSpaces2. Tried to install TotalSpaces2 upgrade, did a mistake of deleting the old app while the new app was being installed, which somehow crashed my computer. Upon restart, I had to re-download TotalSpaces2 from this website and got the following message upon installation:

Plugin installation
TotalSpaces2 needs to authenticate to install its plugin component.

I click OK, but then get the following message:

Installation error
TotalSpaces2 failed to install correctly.
Please try again or contact support.

Error moving OSAX into place, Stat on /Library/ScriptingAdditions/TotalSpaces.osax during authenticated file copy failed.


I replied to you on email also, but for reference if this happens, it ought to be fixable by running the uninstaller, then installing TotalSpaces2 again.