Installing TF in Sierriia

Just upgraded MacBookPro lets 2011 to Sierra and reinstalled TotalFinder but when I open terminal I type csrutil disable and get a “command not found” …

Could this have something to do with my recovery partition not updating to Sierra?? Or…Where do I go from here?!

Please follow this topic:

Thank you Darwin.
However, it seems my system has a recovery partition for 10.9 (press option at start and saw that. I also tried Recovery Partition Maker fro the thread you linked…no luck. It failed which led me to check if I had an existing partition. Can I do anything other than a full clean install? Hate to have to re-install all those programs!!

You should be able to install the latest macOS into a temporary partition and simply use RecoveryOS created for that installation. I wrote about it in this article: